Friday, June 6, 2008

Fitness Friday June 6th

What a Great DayFor Exercise!

In fact, until the big drug companies find a way to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, increase energy, and help you look and feel like a million bucks, they're all great days for exercise!

I'm frequently asked what time of day is best for exercising: morning or afternoon. And the answer is: "Yes." Oh, if you're a completitive athlete looking for improved performance in your sport of choice, you might want to look at your biorythms and glycemic cycles to tap into that marginal advantage, but the bottom line is that for most of us, the best time to exercise is simply when you can.

It's been a great week of exercise for me personally. I race mountain bikes in the summer, so I'm much heavier on cardio this time of they year, and there's nothing like a specific goal with a deadline (race day!) to keep you on track with training. I schedule quarterly one on one meetings with everyone on staff, and was able to ride Afton with Peter last Friday. Afton is easily my favorite metro mountain bike trail with a terrific mix of technical features and challenging climbs. Plus, I plan to race there Sunday, so it was great to refamiliarize myself with the course.

I rode the road bike to the Downtown Club and back on Saturday. I live in Eagan, so it's a nice 40 mile round trip without any excursions. Fortunately, I made it home just minutes before that hail storm started pounding my house - I felt like I was racing the stormclouds all the way home! I rested Sunday, lifted Monday, and played Hockey in Richfield Tuesday and Thursday (terrific for short, spikey zone 5 hot intervals). I planned on resting Wednesday, but the predicted rain never came, and was able to squeeze in a quick lap @ Lebanon Hills on Wednesday. Derrick and I also hit a few range balls yesterday as part of our quarterly 1:1, but I don't actually count that as exercise.

People sometimes look at us like we're crazy when we tell them that to make progress with their fitness levels, and in particular, to make progress loosing bodyfat requirs 90 minutes of moderate to intense exercise 3 or 4 days per week. I'm personally looking to loose 5# by August (I race faster), and I trained 5 days this week. Volume matters.

Think about what your goals are this week, this month, and this year. Are you getting the volume needed to make progress? In checking the schedule this morning, we are at roughly 48% capacity in all three studios, so we should have room for ya!

In Good Health,


P.S. You may have heard that we have a Spring Referral Contest underway. Detains are on our website, but you get 10 Free Sessions for every referral who signs up for FT training! And, a chance to win a new Trek bike with each referral! Contest ends June 22nd, so the deadline is near!

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